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Russian language for foreigners

Learning Russian language in Russia – in the centre of the Russian Federation in Siberia at the banks of the mystic Lake Baikal.

If you like to learn the Russian language – we are helping you.

The language school of Russian language for foreigners in the city of Irkutsk offers high level education programs and a multitude of diverse and effective learning methodologies.

Our school is located in the centre of Russia within one of the most beautiful regions in Siberia.

Additionally to the lectures of language we offer travel tours through the sunny Siberia and the acquaintance with the well known, unique and cleanest lake of the planet: “Baikal”.

If you like to learn the Russian language, the Russian culture, traditions and habits of the Russian people, if you would like to visit a wonderful and diverse nature of our country, you should come to Russia at least once in person.

To understand the specifics of the Russian language and the character of the Russian people, you should spend some time amongst Russians to learn the music of the Russian language, every day, every hour and every minute.

You will have the possibility to focus you time not only to the learning of language, but also to meeting the most beautiful region of Siberia as well as the possibility to travel along the picturesque banks of the unique, deepest and cleanest lake on our planet: “Baikal”.

We are offering language training in groups and individually.

We offer training within duration of minimum one week until one year.

During the training, in order to internalise the language, we offer additionally cultural and travel programs.

We adapt our training courses to your specific interests and pre-knowledge.

In order to meet your interests in Russian culture, literature, history, traditions, habits and manners, or nature of Siberia and specifics of Lake Baikal, we developed packages: „Language Training +“.

Such learning intensively packages are available for groups as well as individuals.

The conception of our training courses is based on the principle: language as means of communication and information transfer.

— Language Training and history of Russia, Siberia

— Language Training and Russianliterature

— Language Training and Russian arts (Theatre, Painting, Music)

— Language Training and Russiancuisine

— Language Training and Folk Art

To serve the nature loving students of language, wanting to spend time actively, we offer programs containing: trekking, rafting, mountain biking and horse riding.

— Language Training + trekking tours and short trips on Lake Baikal

— Language Training + mountain biking along the lake Baikal shores

— Language Training + rafting on some of the 336 rivers feeding lake Baikal

— Language Training + horseriding

In case you need specific knowledge in business language, we offer the training courses:

Business language training for business professionals + business correspondence

The training programs are developed and certified by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Discover for yourself the unique beauty of Siberia’s nature, wonderful colours of Baikal’s landscape, the specifics of the wood-house-architecture of the city of Irkutsk, which in medieval times was known as “Siberians Venice”.

We are taking care in context with your time in Irkutsk and offer you several variants of accommodation.

If you would like to register for our language training, please contact us by e-mail

We are awaiting you in our school and we are looking forward to meeting you in Irkutsk.

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